Namrata woke up to the scent of the cologne… her favourite one. Her eyes still shut she took a deep breath. The room was cool. She felt the chill though she was under the comforter. Her head was on the softest pillow she had ever felt in her life. No doubt she had slept soundly…like a log. There was no alarm to wake her today…

She sat up with a start. She realised she didnt have her clothes on. She pulled the comforter to her chest and held it tight. She looked around the beautiful hotel suite and the events of last evening swam before her eyes.

She worked for an event management company “for you forever “. She was new and barely had completed a month with the company. Yesterday Smriti, her boss had called her and asked her to fill-in as an extra hand for the high profile event. God knew she needed every extra penny. She had worked hard and was exhausted to the core by the time it was 1AM.
She was resting her tired feet by the bar, when he had approached her.
He was heavy built with a stern look in his pitch black eyes. He had carelessly shaken his tie loose and it was hanging shabbily around his neck. His cost was held in one of his hands. He didnt look drunk… even if he had. He had square cheek bones with slight traces of stubble building around his jaw.
She had looked around for James the bartender for the night. Before she could react he had come close.
“I need company. Are you game?” He had asked in his deep baritone
Something had stirred withing her core… it must have been his cologne… she stood transfixed gazing into his eyes. He gave a slight lopsided smile. “Come to 403 knock twice”
He then left.

Namrata was relieved from her duty for the day. As she had walked towards the exit of the hotel, she didnt know what had got into her, she took a right turn towards the lobby and pressed the button for the elevator.
The next thing she knew, she had stood outside room 403. It was the biggest suite on the floor apparently.
She had knocked twice.
“Come in…” a gruff voice had replied behind the closed doors.
She slowly opened the door. The room was pitch dark.
She had startled and almost dropped her purse when the voice had called out,
“you are late, my little sparrow… “

I need company. Are you game?

Copyright Disclaimer: All content posted here is a work of fiction and original work based on the authors imagination. no part of the content can be copied, reproduced or posted anywhere else either entirely or in parts, without the consent of the author.

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