predator on the prowl…

Chapter 13

The second day of the book fair was also very successful and from what she deduced the collections were super and record breaking. The organisers appreciated her for her arrangements. She was ecstatic at the appraisal and wanted to share it with him… but thinking about the morning got her down from her high mood.

She was free today at 9PM. That was early by her usual standards. After purchasing groceries she headed home. Her mother was practising her exercises and looked very bright. These days she was showing a positive response to her treatment. Her legs were finally moving a bit after six years. Her hand strength was also improving and she had recently started helping around at home…heating up food, mashing potatoes and some other little chores. Namrata was thrilled to see her so upbeat and hugged her mother before going to keep the groceries in their little kitchen. Her brother was studying in his room. He had his exams going on… she was so proud of him. He had scored pretty well considering the shitty deal he had got from life. She had always worried about him getting into bad company since she was never around but luckily… he was good. School feedbacks had been favourable too.

Everything in her life was going good now… but just then she remembered a quote from her school English text book ‘you just never know what’s going to happen’ Alarm bells started to ring again…

The next morning she reported to work and had to immediately rush to the venue. It was a very important gig that evening and she wanted to personally supervise everything beforehand. The event was a painting auction. Paintings of reputed artists which cost a bomb … Some artists and agents were already present when she reached there. She got busy immediately with the arrangements. She got a respite only at 4PM. The auction was to begin at 8PM and it would take long with almost twelve paintings up for bidding.

She was given a small office close to the main hall where the event was being held. She changed there and reached the hall back by 6PM.  As she was supervising the food, her phone buzzed.

It was him…

                       What time are you getting free?

She typed back…

                            No idea… at least 1AM.

He responded…

                            Will be there at 1AM. Will drop you home later…

Her belly fluttered.

                               Done. Waiting…for this gig to end…

She smiled and kept back her phone in her pocket.

As expected the auction was high pressure drama, but got over by 12AM. The guests were happy with her services and her mood was quipped. She finished her work after the guests left and changed into comfortable clothes.

Her phone buzzed at 12,55AM.

               Waiting downstairs my little sparrow…

She rushed down with her bag and sat in his car. He took her… to his home.

Namrata had already taken an off next day. Smriti had been surprisingly kind enough to grant her a day’s leave. Of course with a reprimand to complete her hours and extra work the next day.  So she could afford to be very late tonight… She informed her mother about being very late

They barely spoke on their way to his house… As soon as they entered the house he shut the door and pushed her towards it. He slammed his lips on her and kissed her hard. He pressed his body to hers and she could feel his arousal prodding her belly. She wanted him badly… especially after he had left her in the hotel room the earlier day. She heard a rumbling and realised it was from him… the kiss ended.

“Are… are you hungry?” she asked him.

“ didn’t have my dinner today so maybe…” he sheepishly looked away.

She held his face in her hands and said, “Don’t stay hungry alright? Not on my watch. Go and freshen up I will fix something for you…”

Surprisingly he didn’t argue with her and went to his bedroom to change. She went to the kitchen…It was a beauty… it was elegant. She had known by now that he had simple tastes but was a cleanliness freak. The kitchen counter was spotlessly clean. She opened the refrigerator and checked the contents. There were few vegetables. She didn’t know what he preferred so decided to go safe with simple cauliflower capsicum stir fry. With that she prepared soft phulkas.  She wanted to serve him hot. It took her about half an hour to prepare it and she took the food out in a tray. When she came out to the drawing room, he was typing furiously on his laptop… God… the man was a workaholic. She took the tray near him.

He didn’t seem to notice her. He was busy staring into the monitor.

He looked at her and said, “Sorry little sparrow but I am not hungry… I have to complete this…”

“Rubbish…”she scolded. “…Continue with your work. I am here aren’t I?”

He shook his head and smiled. He continued typing and referring to his files on the table while she kept feeding him bites. After sometime when the plate was empty she turned to leave, he held her hand with which she had fed him and licked her fingers all the time looking at her… She was on fire.

After she cleared the kitchen and came back he was still at work. This time he was on a call.

“…. We have to make it work this time Viraj… just tweak the figures as I tell you… I have worked it out…D Beers is ours… now listen…” He read out some figures from the monitor…

The tirade went on while Namrata sat comfortably on the sofa and was soon asleep.

Somewhere later in the night she felt a hand fondling her breast. She arched her back and pressed herself into it… her eyes opened and she was in his bedroom. He was behind her and his arousal was pressing on her lower back. They intertwined their legs and he pinched her nipple through her cotton t-shirt. She creamed her orgasm… Soon her t- shirt was off followed by her pant and inner wear. He was already in his boxers and he made a quick work of it. He was behind her… He kissed her ear and sucked her earlobe. She pushed back her ass towards his manhood. He held her right thigh and before she knew he entered her. She reached her pinnacle at least three more times before he released into her with a loud grunt. She was all spent… he turned her around to face him and kissed her hard… “My little sparrow…I.. I…” He looked at her and breathed hard. Tears pricked her eyes as she realised what he was about to say…

“I love you” she blurted out… He just stared at her for a moment then hugged her tight. He didn’t say the words back to her but somewhere within she knew he felt the same for her. This was a whirlwind for both of them… she just hoped they sailed through without getting destroyed.

He pulled her to him and they both slept off…

Meanwhile few kilometres away…

The old man laughed. The eagle was busy sleeping around while he was cooking up his destruction. The girl was a fool just like her father. She would be collateral damage… the lovesick idiot didn’t know how badly she was to get burnt. But that was not his problem…

He was now excited after ages… his palms itched to throw hints to the Eagle… a few scraps about him…but his late wife always said, ‘haste is the mother of imperfection’

He was not hasty… he was the predator… stalking slowly and out to get his prey… the Giant Eagle…

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