book review.. the kitty party murder

author: Kiran Manral

To be described in simple words the book is – Ubiquitously, Brilliantly churned out humor...

The female protagonist Kanan a.k.a Kay, is a bored housewife and a mother who is asked to help in a suicide investigation. Her detective friend Runa asks her to infiltrate a kitty party group to unearth what lies beneath the polished poise of certain high society women…. to see what lies concealed, beneath the veneer of war paint, designer outfits and bling. At the same time Kay’s apartment complex is rattled by a mysterious death.

The plot converges into Kay along with Runa getting to the bottom of the ploy and seeking the truth.

Personally i loved the portrayal of even the most mundane life trails craftily woven into a beautiful cocoon of humor, within which lies the suspense, waiting to break open and fly out… The writer definitely has a penchant for the genre and every second line makes you smile or chuckle for sure.

The writer’s flair for language and ample use of figures of speech, loaded with satire an sprinkled cannily by sarcasm leaves the readers hooked and wanting for more. This isn’t your regular run-in-the-mill kind suspense story but its filled with the right influx of humor at regular intervals. Certain details which usually find their place in the hall of fame of classic thrillers have been judiciously put to use with loads of euphemisms… So recommended for the faint-hearted too who stay away from suspense stories.

This book… you wouldn’t want to keep it down!

Available on Amazon In both paperback and Kindle format.

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