book review: experience life as a YOGI

author: Atul Anand

the book is a non -fiction and chronicles the author’s journey from the corporate corridor to someone seeking the true meaning of life!

I don’t prefer no-fiction reads but being a yoga enthusiast the title intrigued me. And I am not at all dissapointed. I have learnt quite a few lessons and the biggest being…to live in the moment. the book itself was an exploration journey with an aim to find life answers INWARDS i.e within yourself. We individuals are often plagued the a perennial question, “who am i…?” The author attempts to throw light on the same via theoretical, spiritual and practical mediums frequently garnishing the trio with anecdotes and short stories.

Being practicing yoga myself, it was an extension to my learning experience to get further more into the various levels of discipline. I find meditation extremely challenging but now i am definitely going to give it a try. I will re-read those parts again later to corroborate my findings!!

Kudos to the author for his extensive research and for sharing it with the world by engulfing it in his personal experience. A recommended read…

Available on amazon in paperback and kindle formats.

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