Book review: Combat skirts

Author: Sahana Ahmed

If i have to summate the entire book in a couple or words it would be ‘Syntactical brilliance’. The author has a flair for an amazing play of words titillating your senses as you read and live through the book. To top it all… her amazing sense of humor leaves you with a smile for a long time even after you are done.

This book is a must read for those who have grown up in the 90s… Personally it also hit home because I have lived n a hostel too. the story is about a ‘fauji’ kid Saba Minhas who gets enrolled in an Army hostel to study law. The author has intricately taken us through the myriad of emotions Saba faces as she is torn between her duty towards her parents, her loyalty towards her friends and her new found freedom. Saba represents the confusion every kid in the 90s encountered where we were caught between age-old social stereotypes and the progression towards the new millennium. Saba is further baffled when she has to make a choice between prospective suitors.

The author has built the story in a lovely framework of hostel life. The play of emotions is also excellent with the right choice of synecdoche and other figures of speech. Overall its a simple story yet very deep…

Available in both paperback and digital format (juggernaut app)

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