Book review: Yakshini

Author: Neil D’Silva

This book marked my foray into the horror genre. I stay away from horror books and TV/movies for obvious reasons that have me sweating away and not being able to sleep in the dark!! This was a recommended try and it made for a cool read.

A couple on earth who is expecting their seventh child performs a special yagna which goes wrong opening the pathway to a special realm hidden by clouds en route to Heaven. As a result a banished yakshini (celestial being) enters the body of the fetus and she is confounded to live in there till the end of the child’s life cycle. But as fate has it the two lives in the same body get intertwined. Meenakshi the child who is now possessed grows up rather quickly into a besotting fifteen year old girl. She has a strange kinship with nature very well expressed by the author. What follows is a tug-of -war between the two beings, Human vs non-human. The latter’s hatred for men destroys every chance of happiness that Meenakshi strives to achieve as a young girl and wife. It threatens to destroy everyone in her path and eventually takes her on a path to self-destruction.

The book is wonderful folklore garnished with mythological bits. The language is lucid and simple to read for the common masses. Overall an interesting read before I embark on the next level of the genre!

Available in both Kindle and Paperback versions.

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