Book review: Maya’s New Husband-2

This book has been an evolution in every way. The author has improvised his writing style, over language, an amazing choice of vocabulary that keeps you mesmerized and takes you on a visual roller coaster. This is a huge improvement from the first part.
If we didn’t like the week submissive Maya in the first installment, we would be in awe of her as she comes forth as a strong woman ready to face all odds and even questioning her sexuality at times. The addition to this part is Abhay Bhaskar Sadachari, Maya’s son. Maya is still haunted by Bhaskar’s presence even after a year. Her disillusionment and hysteria get a shot in the arm when celebrity heads start rolling shaking the law enforcement and the city as a whole.
Maya now surrounded by men especially her condominium security guard who is virilely attractive and doesn’t shy away from passing sensual innuendos. He wins the family trust, the aftermath of which is catastrophic, taking the reader to a crescendo of thrill and horror.
The only flip point is a tiny event, in the end, questioning science, but then ultimately given the genre it can be overlooked.
The story is fast-paced and the author leaves us with a little cliffhanger… making you look forward for the final installment in the trilogy.

Available as an e-book

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