Book Review: A rogue’s love story…

Author: Krish Gangadharan

The story is about the protagonist Chandran Ramachandran who is the prodigal son, with a typical south Indian middle-class upbringing and brilliant in academic pursuits. he has it all going for him till he is betrayed by someone whom he trusted and loses it all. He pursues his career quite well overseas but can’t leave his conniving ways to make money and fall into the honey trap. he loses it all yet again.
As a reader, I am disappointed with the narrative. It’s not plausible that someone who is so brilliant and street smart gets betrayed over and over and still manages to rise up from the ashes. As a woman, I hate the objectification of every woman in the story. I don’t deny there are gold diggers but it’s difficult to believe the rapid falling-in-love episodes… it’s more of lust from what is portrayed otherwise.
The font size is too small compared to the average and I think that can be taken care of in the following editions. Having said that, a bit of content editing would have made this a good read.

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