Book review: Sin is the new love

Author: Abir Mukherjee

This is the first thriller by an Indian author that I have been able to give an intrigue-filled read. Well written.

Ahi, the prodigal, strong, and fearless daughter of a DGP is an aspiring publisher who wishes to make it big someday. Devang Awasthi is her favorite writer and one day she finds a manuscript of the late writer’s autobiography mailed to her. The transcripts involve details of his history of a troubled childhood, confessions of the dead writer’s heinous crimes, illegal businesses, and partners in the criminal syndicate he was a part of! On the surface, the publishing of the manuscript would give Ahi the needed impetus in her career to soar the peaks.

However, a chance trip to Noida to get the needed permission to publish the book takes her on a dangerous roller-coaster ride amidst gruesome murders and she finds herself at the center of the crime vortex. Her whirlwind search for the truth lands her on the brink of finding the morbid truth about her origins, which is gut-wrenching…

The author had brilliantly weaved the plots to converge them well, joining all the dots appropriately at regular intervals. The salient feature of the book is it involved two styles of writing and it keeps you intrigued throughout.

The story ends with a cliffhanger and I look forward to the sequel!

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