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Chapter 26 The marigold fragrance wafted into her autopilot senses, the mogra garlands adorning her bun engulfing her in their ambrosial throes. Kajal sat in the makeshift mandap arranged in the Chintamani temple premises. She was dressed in a bright red saree chosen by her … Continue reading married

the ACP link

Chapter 24 ACP Ramanrao Pradhan was a name to reckon with. The burly six feet tall man just short of his sixtieth birthday stared into the full-length mirror in the police quarters at Nagpur. He was retiring next week and moving to Mumbai… the city … Continue reading the ACP link

who is that?

Chapter 23 ‘Papa, its my birthday tomorrow…so…’ Ten-year-old Krish walked hesitantly into his father’s study. His father lay slumped on the table, papers flying all over, the room redolent with the whiskey all over; Krish wanted to gag. The man’s hand lay hanging loosely holding … Continue reading who is that?