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A practising paediatric Speech-Language pathologist for the last 18 years, this is my latest foray into fiction writing. My passion for writing romance suspense goes back to the days of reading Nacy Drews or Enid Blyton series minus the romance. Then came my inspiration Sandra Brown. Fantasies are a way to relieve stress and that has worked for me right from the age of 16. I now like to weave those fantasies into words and build a cocoon of a story…

I love to keep the readers intrigued. I have a penchant for happily ever afters and the die hard romantic in me won’t settle for anything less…

Besides these, the voracious reader in me loves to put forth my views on books… do read my book reviews.

Last but not the least is a collection of short stories. Some inspired by my clinical practise under the tag of Clinicologues and others general fiction stories under ‘short stories’. Check out the contents section for further details.

Keep reading and I hope you like it.

I would love to hear from you…it will help me learn and improvise. Feel free to leave comments.



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